Turin Observatory on Economic Law and Innovation

The mission of the Observatory is to advance knowledge in all the innovation-related areas of the law. The relationship between the two is bidirectional, as the legal framework certainly influences the development of innovation, but innovation urges at its turn the law to adapt and evolve. The Observatory intends to cast light on that relationship and improve its smoothness as well as the mutual benefits it is likely to entail. The aim of our team is to help all the innovation market players (lawyers, future lawyers, academics, technologists, entrepreneurs and other stakeholders) find some common grounds and fruitfully cooperate in the continuous advance of progress in the most efficient way but within a framework of legal certainty.

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Jean Monnet Module RETEL – Seminari settembre 2022

14 / 16 settembre 2022 14 settembre 2022, L’esperienza dell’Entrepreneurship and Innovation Law Lab Evento finale di presentazione dei risultati della seconda edizione dell’Entrepreneurship and Innovation Law Lab e consegna degli elaborati finali da parte degli...

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