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The TOELI Research Papers Series circulates research in progress on economic law and innovation.

We want to promote an open discussion for academics, technologists and policymakers, to monitor, review, analyse, and critically discuss regulatory, legislative and policy developments in the fields of technological and social innovation.

We host younger and senior researchers, as well as professionals and practitioners, who want to contribute to our discussion and advance knowledge in all the innovation-related areas of the law.

Series Coordinators: Riccardo de Caria, Silvia Martinelli, Cristina Poncibò

Editorial Assistant: Pietro Giovanni Bizzaro

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The publication is the sole responsibility of the authors. TOELI obtains a non-exclusive right to publish and distribute their work. By submitting their work, the authors guarantee that no third-party rights will be infringed through the publication.

Latest papers

Data valley: the development of new smart services in the dialogue with Big Tech – TOELI Research Paper 4/2021

Carlo Rossi Chauvenet and Silvia Martinelli

Implications of blockchain technologies in the agri-food sector – TOELI Research Paper 3/2021

A case study on ZIMT Angelo Rainone, Gabriele Alecce, Chiara Fiore, Francesca Gasti, Lorena Noto, Alessandro Piovano, Federica Prudente ed Elisa Zamuner

Qui custodiet ipsos custodes? – Antonio Davola – TOELI Research Paper 2/2021

A game-theory model for defining financial intermediaries’ supervisory duties in robo-advisory Antonio Davola

SEPs licensing across the supply chain: an antitrust perspective – O. Borgogno, G. Colangelo – TOELI Research Paper 1/2021

SEPs licensing across the supply chain: an antitrust perspective Oscar Borgogno and Giuseppe Colangelo

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